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Nano & West Bengal

September 5, 2008

The sequence of events that have happened in the last few weeks ( Aug/Sep 2008) in West Bengal are very painful. Now the intellectuals of West Bengal have all started speaking and people every where are discussing what is right and what is wrong. What if the Tata’s pull out? What would happen to the other investments that have been lined up? Our friends from the media are pretty active speculating and reporting. Mamata Banerjee has grabbed significant space in print as well as electronic media.

The Nano project is a very significant milestone for Indian Business . The entire country and Indians world wide are passionate about  the success of the Nano is some way . The decision of Ratan Tata and his team to do this project in West Bengal must have been taken after taking into account , all the positive and negative factors of West Bengal. I think their decision to locate the nano project in West Bengal would prove to be quite correct in the future . The current situation in Singur has flamed the passion of people in West Bengal and they have now got more attachment with  the Nano project and they will now bend backward to make the Nano project happen. This is Bengal, where one lady ( right or wrong) was able to bring the very strong leftist government to their knees , where the governor has been asked to play the role of a mediator in this battle and where a reputed group like the Tatas are being pulled from all sides . A solution will emerge , and the Nano project will get energised and boosted with the passion of millions of people from West Bengal and other parts of India. Welcome to Indian Democracy and diversity. It is amazing and mind boggling.


Semiconductor FAB in West Bengal

June 7, 2008

A group of NRI’s from West Bengal along with some local entrepreneurs are trying to set up a FAB in West Bengal. The IT minister of West Bengal Dr Debesh Das , who is a professor in VLSI design is very passionate about setting up high tech knowledge based industries in West Bengal and has promised that the government will extend all support to this project.

Bandh – Madness

June 7, 2008

For two days West Bengal was shut down due to a Bandh ( Strike /stoppage of work) cause by the government’s decision to increase oil prices. Political parties specially in Bengal have used bandh as a tool for voicing their protests, by causing disruption to millions of people. An  forum www.antibandhforum has been started by some people to protest against this bandh madness.