Why this Blog Site ?

The current IT  ( Information Technology ) minister of West Bengal, India , Dr. Debesh Das , was at Tiecon , Santa Clara , USA to promote West Bengal as an attractive investment destination for IT companies worldwide.

In his presentation he asked the audience a question ” If you are the IT minister of Bengal , what would you do to promote the state ? ” . This was a very simple statement, but it had a profound impact on me. The majority of people who are associated with West Bengal ( I would call all of them Bengalis, despite their mother tongue ) love to criticise the state  and at the same time have tremedous love and passion for anything Bengal centric.

This energy of love of hate from all over the world , is something which can contribute significantly in making everyone aware of the real challenges and the action which need to be taken to harness the full power and potential of West Bengal.  This Blog site just is an effort to move in that direction and  I would post some associated blogs related to this subject.

Disclaimer : This is a public forum and has no political affiliation .  Please keep your posts & responses responsible.


One Response to “Why this Blog Site ?”

  1. Sudakshina Says:

    Well what you write is so very true…I still have dreams of going back to Cal and living there and give back to to West Bengal what I got from there. I have left the state almost 10 years back…maybe I will return after my retirement.
    Do let me know if you have any action items in mind

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