Outsourcing – Sramana Mitra’s article in Forbes.com


Sramana Mitra, Forbes.com

India is riding high on outsourcing.

Information technology and IT-enabled services will employ 4 million people in 2008 and account for 7% of gross domestic product and 33% of India ‘s foreign-exchange inflows, according to Nasscom, an Indian IT industry organization.

The death of this industry is far from anyone’s mind.


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One Response to “Outsourcing – Sramana Mitra’s article in Forbes.com”

  1. wbit Says:

    I do not think death is the right word. I would say that India Inc will find ways to reinvent themselves under any circumstances. The opportunities inside India are mind boggling. In a country where you can not find public toilets ( specially for women) except in cities, the opportunities to engage in profitable nation building activities is abundant and attractive.
    4 million is a very small number for India . The current job opportunities in the knowledge industry is providing tremendous exposure to many young minds who think in a very global way.
    The cost structure in India, that is mentioned in the article is a temporary phenomenon due to a demand supply situation. Costs will go southward as India moves towards the c Class towns and the investments in human capital start paying dividends. The world will outsource more and more knowledge based work into India since the costs and the quality that India can provide will make it a very attractive destination not only for ICT industry , but for several other industries, in the next five years.

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